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Changes to these rules may be made at any time, as necessary. Updates to the board rules will always be announced right in the Announcement forum, so there will be no reason for a member to not be aware of rule changes. It is your responsibility as a member of these forums to read the board rules and all future changes to the rules.

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General Rules for TVE Forums

1. No Flaming or inciting others to flame you and/or another poster.
2. No spamming the Forums.
3. No advertising your site (unless you have permission) or mentioning of other wrestling forums by name or URL.
4. No pornography.
5. No arguing with staff, no arguing between staff.

These are the basic rules. Please note that these are not the only rules.

For more of our rules, visit the Rules Forums: http://forums.vortexeffect.net/boardrules/

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